The following posts are October/ November additions to the 'Rotten Week' series I started when I began this blog. I had a bit of a realisation between those earlier illustrations and doing these recent ones - although I'm happy with most of my work I feel as though I'd become a bit bogged down with 'colouring in' on Photoshop and lost sight of what I'd always set out to do with my work, experimenting with different weights/ quality of line... I'm putting an exhibition together which should be ready early next year, and whilst planning this I've decided to work on my 'Rotten News' illustrations in a 'back to basics' way, with less focus on quantity and more focus on achieving personal satisfaction with the final product... phew! With that said, I'll also be posting other little just for fun projects I've been working on as opposed to rotten news exclusively. More to come soon! 

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